Soon All the Angels Will Deliver

av Fredrik Fyhr

Skrev en engelsk översättning till Snart kommer änglarna att landa. Den lyder såsom följer.

Come closer now, come sit down here
Right next to me in our strange affair
There’s snow outside
falling in the blackest
nights of nights

Children asleep in the dead of night
Dreaming away in dreamland chimes
where life itself is a treasure far and wide

You and me will stay awake forever
Then we’ll forget that the treasure is a dream,
we find it never

Begone, you wicked devilry
Forget my words when I was mean
I do love you
with all my heart

And you know, we’ve seen quite a few
things in life, and it is true
We’re living now in our secret
it’s right here

Open up to me, this Christmas night’s soon over
Sit closer still
you know you’re all I need
you’re my clover

Soon all the angels will deliver
Soon we’ll see the burning dawn
Dare I say, that we’ve got each other?
May our trembling hands tonight unite?

We are human beings
Man, it’s a strange thing
And it may tear your heart in two sometimes
Don’t be afraid
of the real things

Peace fall upon the human land
Peace fall upon the human land